Landscape Management Assessment
The assessment proposed below was built within HERCULES FP7 European research project, upon six sustainable trends including both socio-cultural aspects (attractiveness, social cohesion, well-being) and ecological issues (environment preservation, resilience, responsible resources use). You are welcome to give your input, sizing the landscape you intend to value. Results shall be sent to you through the mail you're invited to provide. You can choose to keep them just for you or allow their publication on HERCULES knowledge hub and HERCULES LABS.

Valuation takes around 30 mn and includes 6 sections. It is based on a series of two kinds of questions. First you have to assert wether the proposed sentence is
1. false/no plan,
2. rather false/fully planned but no implementation,
3. partially true/ fully implemented but no indicators,
4. highly true/ Planned, implemented, and measured, with continous improvement.
Second you can suggest one THREAT or OPPORTUNITY (if any) identified on your site and related to the proposed theme.

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