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1. Ukrainian language
2. Ukrainian literature
3. Algebra
4. Geometry
5. History of Ukraine
6. World History
7. English
8. Physics
9. Chemistry
10. Biology
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Did you participate in school competition in these subjects (olimpiada)? If yes, name the level of the competition (shkilna, rayonna, oblasna, vseukrains’ka olimpiada) and your result in the latest year of participation. *
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In what other academic contests, competitions, conferences, research, etc., have you participated? *
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Did you earn any special achievements, honors and recognition? If yes, please list them. If no - just answer "No". *
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If you could go back in time and change one thing about your high school years, what would it be? *
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What do you think is the biggest problem facing your generation and what can you do to help fix the problem? What ideas do you have to fix the problem? *
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Think of a person not in your family that you admire that is also a leader (can be alive or dead and a leader in any sphere - school, politics, business, life, etc...). Who is that person? What leadership qualities do they demonstrate that make you admire them as a leader? *
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