Tell MPS: No to Racist and Scripted Curriculum! End Reading Horizons Contract and Test Based Model of Education

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To Whom it May Concern in the Minneapolis Public School District,

We are writing to express our deep concern and fundamental opposition to the curriculum that was provided to Minneapolis Public School District for K-2 teachers (and grade 3 of high priority schools and grade 4 as well in immersion sites) by the company Reading Horizons for the 2015-2016 school year and beyond. We believe that there are a number of concerning issues related to this curriculum inclusive of but not restricted to its significant absences and stereotypical presences of communities of color and Indigenous peoples’ communities and its portrayal of sexual identity, gender and family.

While we are aware that some of this curriculum has been recalled by the Minneapolis Public School District because of teacher resistance, we also understand that the District is contracting the same company that proved itself demonstratively incompetent to redesign it. We find this unacceptable. In order to address these inequities in Minneapolis Public School Districts’ curriculum, we are writing to demand the following:

1. That Minneapolis Public School District discontinue their relationship with Reading Horizons. Reading Horizons has shown that they do not possess necessary cultural competencies and that having them redesign this curriculum would only produce similar results.

2. That there should be a public and outside review entity for the selection of all District partners, the evaluation of existing curriculum and resources, and the adoption of new curriculum. This should include all aspects of Focused Instruction and the book selection of school libraries. The goal of this process and the assessment body should be inclusive of parents, staff, and community members especially from working class, working poor, immigrant communities, people of color communities and Indigenous peoples' communities. These communities have historically, and systemically been left out of decision making processes. No one on this assessment body should have money or their job tied to their findings/decisions, nor should they be paid staff of existing education reform organizations.

3. That the District put an end to the purchasing of expensive scripted curriculum based on test scores along with the paradigm of replaceable educators and students as numbers. Instead, they should invest in the sustainable development of MPS staff through training, leadership development, workload reductions, more compensated time to plan effective instruction and the authentic incorporation of school communities to identify the needs, means, and ends for nourishing our children and communities. Training and ongoing support must be local.

4. District staff should be trained (with a tool the assessment body from above creates/adopts), compensated, and empowered to review their own lessons and classroom libraries and be given the resources to replace whatever does not match criteria with district funds.

Racial equity is on the tip of every District’s tongue, so when teachers had to assert themselves against a Minneapolis Public School’s decision until the District agreed to recall significant portions of a 1.2 million dollar curriculum* for being racist, sexist, heteronormative, and more, we find ourselves asking what went wrong (*Not including the figures of how much the district is paying teachers for training and paying substitutes for teaching during school year trainings).

The question is more perplexing upon learning that the Multilingual Department, Indian Education, and the Office of Black Male Achievement were involved in the program’s selection, and that the racist images in the curriculum were a result of requests for more representative images in the curriculum. As such, it is apparent that the company, Reading Horizons, is insufficiently invested in communities of color and Indigenous communities to make quality curriculum and provide culturally responsive training for MPS teachers. The decision makers in MPS had many foundational skills programs to choose from, the incompetency of choosing Reading Horizons proves that either the wrong choice was made or all of the curriculums should have been disregarded for lack of quality options. We believe it is essential to end any contract with R.H. because of the District’s claimed stance on equity. MPS must refuse to work with any entity that proves itself not aligned, and in fact creating materials directly in opposition to the District’s stated values and promise ( The decision that was made also speaks to another problem: teaching to the test and scripted curriculum.

The pressure to choose from curriculums with “researched” connections to “improving test scores” limits districts to corporate education campaigns. This seems to be why the District, including various multicultural departments, chose a racist, patriarchal curriculum. Such an approach also eliminates the idea of developing skilled reading teachers and learning conditions where students and staff can flourish. A curriculum that “anyone can teach” by reading the script is unlikely to be successful, nor do we want to create a situation where we see teachers and students as nothing but talking and listening empty vessels* (*

Instead of purchasing million-plus-dollar outside curriculum that deeply compromises any commitment to equity we should collaborate with our local and school communities’ rich knowledge to create powerful, local, and culturally relevant curriculum. Consider the Network for the Development of Children of African Descent (an archive of culturally appropriate books for children of African descent), Birchbark Books (an extensive collection of indigenous children’s literature), Ancestry Books (a collection of literature written by authors of color and Indigenous authors to reflect their communities and children with respect), and many more.

For the sake of our students, community, and future we must refuse a Reading Horizons “redesign” altogether. Furthermore we find it to be poor logic that investment in short-term out-of-state corporate solutions is better than continual investments in our staff, and the collective empowerment of students, families, educators, and communities. Teaching phonics can be integrated into the teaching of compelling and empowering literature that reflects the diversity of our scholars, and the world. Training and investment in such literature is what an equity-centered district should do. Minneapolis Public Schools should be making financial decisions that nourish connections between the district and local communities. Developing critical consciousness and responding to oppression and injustice should be at the center rather than perpetuating the messages seen in Reading Horizon’s curriculum. See some examples of the curriculum we do not want in the Appendix to follow.

To Recap:
1. End MPS’s contract with Reading Horizons
2. Form a diverse, community based assessment entity to review current and future curriculum and partners
3. End scripted curriculum and expensive, short term, test-score centered purchasing
4. Provide funds for teachers, schools, and communities to review and replace marginalizing curriculum and texts in their current libraries with richly diverse and culturally relevant curriculum and literature

Authored by,

Chaun Webster, Co-Founder of Ancestry Books
Shana Dickson, Minneapolis Public School Teacher
David Boehnke, Teacher, Minneapolis; Member of Social Justice Education Movement (SJEM)

Demands Supported By:
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Verna Wong, Teacher, Co-Founder of Ancestry Books
Ms Kenna-Camara Cottman, Black American Griot and Northside Arts Educator
Naomi Ward, LISW MPS Social Worker
Brian Lozenski, Associate Professor of Educational Studies, Macalester College
Kimberly Caprini, Northside School Advocate
Helen Medhanie, Community and SJEM Member, Minneapolis
Sadie Cox, Behavior Intervention SPPS and concerned MPS community member
Lucas DeGracia, School Secretary, Minneapolis Public Schools; SJEM Member
Me'lea Conneley, Parent and Community Member, Minneapolis Public Schools
Erin Dyke, PhD student, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of MN; SJEM Member
Shaun Kelley Walsh, Minneapolis resident, parent, youth worker
Sasha Ryškus Knutson, Student, Minneapolis Public Schools
Brenda Petry, Minneapolis resident and parent of second grader in MPS
James Towns, Parent of MPS second grader, clinical social worker
Max Hoiland, Minneapolis After-School Instructor
Gabrielle Morris, Minneapolis Public School teacher
Andrea Jeong Wood, Teacher, Minneapolis
Jane Swatosh, MPS Teacher and Parent
Phil Waugh, MPS Parent
Lisa Ray Parent/Guardian
Amy McNally Parent/Guardian, Community Member
Brie Monahan MPS Teacher Staff
Jonathan Shia Yang Non-profit partner organization
Julie Landsman Self employed consultant MPS teacher, retired
Corinth Matera Teacher Staff
Elizabeth Campbell Parent/Guardian
Russ Walsh Interested and concerned party
Julie Smith Healey Community Member
Barbara Hackett Cox Professional Development Design and Implementation
Julia Birdsall Parent/Guardian
Dylan Flunker Community Member, parent of future MPS students
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Ebony Adedayo ebanna22 Parent/Guardian
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Vichet Chhuon Univ of Minn Community Member
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Daniel Schulz-Jackson
Wolfram Ruhmann Reserve teacher Staff
Shannon Dahmes University of Minnesota Parent/Guardian
Dana Bennis IDEA Future parent
Angela Paar Teacher
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Mary Dooley ECFE-retired Grandparent
Kaley Brown Children's Theatre Company Community Member
Beverly Ferguson Metropolitan State Universityretired Community Member
Deborah Girdwood Children's Theatre Company Parent/Guardian, Community Member
Eli Grobel Students for Racial Justice Former Student
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Timothy Lensmire University of Minnesota Parent/Guardian
Maurine Stenwick Parent/Guardian, Community Member
Brittany Bullock Hennepin County Student, Community Member
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Beverly Cottman Salon1016 Parent/Guardian, Staff, Retired
Danny Frank University of Minnesota Duluth MN resident, parent, university faculty
David Winkler-Morey Franklin middle school Staff
jim kojola Community Member
Jon Stark Olsen Loring School, Anwatin School Parent/Guardian, Community Member
Malia Markquart
Brenda Delaney Dowling Parent/Guardian
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Natasha C. Vaubel Former Assoc. Editor, Black Camera: An International Journal graduate
Kassie Carlstrom Student
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natasha olubajo Student, former student
Loren J Towle Minneapolis South High School Parent/Guardian
Elise sommers Tufts University Alum
Cyarra Swanson Community Member, Youth worker
Jocelyn Lovick Henry High School Parent/Guardian, Staff
Noah Branch Patrick Henry Student, Board Member
Ruth B. Usem Teacher / community leader Community Member, proponent of Public Education
Ruth B. Usem Teacher / community leader Community Member, proponent of Public Education
Heidi Begin Staff
Ben Kressel Parent/Guardian
Jasmine Harbin Parent/Guardian
Nara coldwater South high school Student
Dova Moore South High School Student
Rev. Tanden Brekke Bethel University Parent/Guardian, Community Member
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Emily Goldberg Wenonah (LNCS) Parent Parent/Guardian
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Matthew Lang Head Basketball Coach, MPS Graduate,
Matt Sowell Armatage Parent/Guardian, Community Member
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Heidi wolbersen Mpls public schools Parent/Guardian
James Burnett III School of Urban Education at Metroploitan State University Parent/Guardian, Community Member
James Schmit Minneapolis Public Schools Staff
Jennifer gilles Parent/Guardian
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Kirsten morcomb Community Member, Former MPS teacher
Liam McLaughlin Student, Alumni
Samantha Weiman University of Minnesota- Twin Cities Community Member
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Azucena Ortega Community Member
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Grayson Carr Minnesota Alliance With Youth/Minnesota Department of Education Community Member
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Anat Shinar Parent/Guardian, Community Member
S. Salin
Linda Her Asian American Organizing Project - Midwest Solidarity Movement Community Member
Justin Lapka University of Minnesota Reserve Teacher
Roxxanne O'Brien Parent/Guardian, Community Member, Oragnizer
Gina Kundan Parent/Guardian
Richard Terrell Parent/Guardian, Community Member
LaKeashia Robinson Harvest Network schools Parent/Guardian
PaviElle French
Yonci Jameson Student, Community Member
DeVon Nolen Parent of 2nd and 4th grader, MPS alumni, activist, DPAC, site council Parent/Guardian, Community Member
Mary Steiner Community Member
Mary Steiner Community Member
Dr. Karen Palmen Saint Paul Public School ELA/Dance Teacher, Saint Paul Federation of Teachers Executive Board Member Former MPS Teacher
Shannah Anderson Community Member
Irene Duong Community Member, Former staff
Nadine McNiff Great River School Community Member
Chris Lindgren University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Parent/Guardian, Community Member, Literacy researcher
Maimouna Mohammed MCTC Student, Community Member
Signe Harriday St.Catherine University Community Member
Sandy Agustin Community Community Member
Pam Plagge-Isaac Quiala Parent/Guardian, Community Member
Abbey Karich Mpls Public Schools School Psychologist
Syneva Barrett Community Member
Mae Kindler Community Member
Regina Gray n/a concerned citizen
karen Bowman 1973 Parent/Guardian
Gregory Clayton Kimbrough Wilder, Putnam and Standish elementary schools Proud Former student who is currently shaking his head in disgust.
Jayanthi Kyle Parent/Million Artist Movement Parent/Guardian, Community Member
Dana Neuhauser Parent/Guardian, Community Member
Kelly Casey Former teacher
bessie pierce hall Parent/Guardian
John Bull Parent/Guardian
Marianne Bull Parent/Guardian
Cecily Marcus Parent/Guardian, Community Member
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Laura Yost Manthey South High School Staff
Laura Yost Manthey South High School Staff
Alissa Vick-Pritchard Parent/Guardian
Melissa Faveeo MPS Staff
Yvette Boafo Tax Payer
Ashley Perez Richfield High Student
Gilbert Valencia Community Member Community Member
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LJ Steele,MA Not Affiliated but still care
Abbigail Feola Macalester College Community Member
LaKeashia Robinson Ms. Parent/Guardian
Stephanie D. Johnson, LGSW MPS Social Worker Parent/Guardian, Student, Staff, Community Member
Karen gehrke MPS Parent/Guardian, Community Member
Mai Chue Lor Student
Me'Lea Connelly armatage and anthony Parent/Guardian, Community Member
Kendrick Wronski Mpls teacher, retired Community Member, Mpls. teacher, retired
Susanna Patterson MetroState future Grandparent
Valentine Cadieux Community Member, Local Teacher
David Sundeen
Lisa Pillow Parent/Guardian
Jill Anderson Seward Montessori Parent/Guardian
Ian McLoone Seward Montessori Parent/Guardian
Sheila Crabbe MFT59 Staff, Community Member
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alizarin menninga Million Artist Movement Community Member
Nicole Kingbird CAPRW Parent/Guardian, Community Member
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Erin L. Harley Armatage Montessori Parent/Guardian
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Mariam omari Community Member, Nephews in MPS. I 50% of my childhood was brought up in the MPS system
Jeralyn Mohr full nest Inc Community Member
David Branch Former MPS Principal Parent/Guardian, Community Member
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Jamil Payton Educator
A. McCann South high grad former student
A. McCann South high grad former student
Art Serotoff AARP Sabathani, MLK Park Legacy Council Community Member
David Sundeen OST Worker,Hopkins Schools
Ann Burns Retired Community Member, Graduate
MK Nguyen vietnamese American organizers Community Member
Marlene Freeman Community Member
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Kyle Tran Myhre Community Member
Jordon Daley Parent/Guardian
Haddayr Copley-Woods Sanford Middle School/Southside Family School Parent/Guardian
Romeny Chan Barton Open Parent/Guardian
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Sara Bolnick Parent/Guardian, Community Member
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Vanessa Young ANEW BAM Community Member, Future Educator
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+123 Protected Signatures

Appendix: Oppressive Ideologies within the “little books”

--There are three “African” fables (Lazy Lucy, An African Fable, and Penny’s Lesson): hollow, racist, and wrought with stereotypes. These have no specific location in Africa nor time period, one uses the word “crazy”, another “lazy”, and “man” is equated with all genders.
--Another continues the lie of Christopher Columbus “discovering” America and puts a positive spin on his “discovery”.
--There is only one Asian character in the series of books, and is possibly adopted as her brother is a white, blonde hair, blue eyed boy. Zero representation of an Asian family.
--In the book on Lagos, the (hollow in actual meaning but rich in racist undertones) word “ethnic” is used to describe the type of music “they” like. The city is “hectic”. “They dance to hip-hop” is an actual sentence in the book. Students “can” attend school there.
--The book “Kenya” educates kids on stereotypes of how “People in Kenya are very active in sports. They play rugby and soccer. They also like boxing. Most people are aware that Kenyans are able to run very fast. They can run for a long time. Kenyans have won many races. Some Kenyans run with bare feet! As you can tell, Kenya is a pretty great place.” Also, it tells us the jobs are cotton and coffee and making cement or making clothes for people in the United States.
“Nieko, the Hunting Girl” perpetuates the stereotypical image of Native Americans with bows and arrows hunting and living in caves.
--The only image of a god in the books is of Thor, pictured as a white man.
--There are 11 books about pirates. Continuation of a hollow and irrelevant narrative
--14 books depict heterosexual couples in various ways. 0 representation of GLBT*Q people or families.
--0 representations of anyone outside of the gender binary of male/female.
--In “The Raccoon in Mushroom Forest” it endorses stereotypical gender roles: “Gilda would cook Bruce’s morning meal. Then she packed his lunch….Then Gilda cleaned each room in the cottage. She was always in a good mood. Each day Gilda made a pot of mushroom chowder for dinner….She would say with a sigh ‘Bruce works so hard. I wish I could cook him a better meal’...[she] stitched up Bruce’s pants”
--Another book continues these: “Josh came in from the chill. Beth had the hot fish dish for him.”
--In “A Trip To Egypt” the tour guide’s head covering appears to be the same material that a caricature of a mummy is mummified with throughout the book.
--The only teacher depicted, Miss Moss, is a white woman.
--In the book on Medieval Games the pronoun “he” and “his” is used to represent all genders.
--There are 3 kings represented, all are white men, while the only representation of royalty that is not White is a Black prince and princess (lower in the hierarchy).

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