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Dear followers.

We provide a VIP-trading service to our followers. Our Trader @Msdaan has following the markets since 2014 and is an active crypto trader since 2017 with an impressive track record. As you can see in the link below, our trader @msdaan has made more than 80% profitable trades in a period of 3 years and counting, check the results via:

Our premium trading gives you:

👉More calls and profitable trades compared to our free channel; @Msdaan will share all his trades and ideas in the premium channel.

👉More updates and details will be given with the premium trades.

👉A real-time spread-sheet which will be updated daily and in which you can see a summary of all the trades that are active and closed.

👉 A chat-group in which thoughts are exchanges, questions are answered and much more.

👉Educational content will also be provided on a regular basis.

👉How do we work?

We mostly trade on Binance/KuCoin/Okex/

We have 3 methods of providing calls:

1️. Trades which you can enter as soon as the trade call is posted.
2️. Trades of which you have to place a buyorder and let the price come to you.
3️. Break-out trades; scalp-trades which we enter at the time of a break-out.

For each trade, we have targets and a stop-loss. For the stop-loss we most of the time work with “candle closes” and set alerts manually via Guidance is provided in the group.  
As crypto is very volatile, we can encounter a sudden drop or pump @ #BTCUSDT, which means that the altcoins will dump. When this happens we will adapt our strategy accordingly.

Our main principle is: ‘not making losses has a priority over making profits!’ This means that some days, depending on the market, we will be really active, while on other days we won't take any new positions.


Do not just blindly follow or mirror our trades and always do your own research! This is educational content.
The Crypto-Market is still very unpredictable and volatile and therefore nobody can guarantee you anything. All rights reserved. In other words: you are responsibly for your own deeds and you cannot hold us accountable for anything. We are no financial advisors. When you sign up, you are agreeing to this disclaimer.


2-Months = 90 $ USD
3-Months = 130 $ USD
6-Months = 250 $ USD

If you want to become a premium member, please fill in this form, transfer USDT/ZEC according to your subscription duration, paste the Transaction TX below and message @Msdaan at Telegram to get an invite to our private channels.  

Payment Address:
USDT ( TRC20 network) :           TD1VbMDCP5jXdaGNb55FhxYctCCKbffm11
ZEC:                                         t1YvE7CAZLRJDHautqwjPuRjeXFsBPzCcKC
USDT( ERC network):         0x462f2e7fb833c127001957565f35594727d43d03

👉You need a Gmail address to consult the trading form (this can be filled in below as well )
👉Be sure to press the SUBMIT button after you have filled in this form.

Thank You

The Cryp2Gem Team

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