Job Interview Skills
Listening Quiz
Watch the following video and answer the questions that follow.
Job Interview
You are going for a job interview. According to the advice given in Ronnie's video, select the good and bad answers to the following questions and/or prompts.
Tell me about yourself. *
Good Answer
Bad Answer
I like to drink Beer.
I am really friendly.
I like sleeping late.
I am outgoing.
I am good at solving problems.
I love loud music.
The police haven't caught me yet. 
What skills do you have for the job? *
(You are trying to get a job at a fine French restaurant.)
Good Answer
Bad Answer
I am good with computers.
I have a nose for fine wine.
I can speak French.
I am a good with children.
I like dogs.
I can cook French cuisine.
I watch the news everyday.
I can speak English.
I have my driver's license.
I am good at math.
Why should we hire you? *
(You want a job at a radio station.)
Good Answer
Bad Answer
I want money
I am a team player.
I need a job.
I always do my best.
I studied radio in college.
I am good at Japanese history.
I used to work for a small radio station before.
I love your radio station.
Tell me about a confrontation at your last job. *
Good Answer
Bad Answer
There was this one person who I hated and they made me angry and I spit in their coffee.
There was this one time I was working on a project, and I felt my coworker was not working as hard as I was on the project.
What should you do if an interviewer asks you, "What are your positive and negative traits?" *
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