Beyond Recycling - Teacher Feedback
Thank you for sharing your feedback.We ask you to complete this form twice a year. Once after the Energy Debates lesson and then again after the last Beyond Recycling lesson. This information will be utilized to inform decisions to adapt and improve the program.
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Number of years with BR *
What BR lessons are you reporting on? *
What have you enjoyed about participating in this half of the Beyond Recycling program? *
Did you see changes in behaviour/awareness on the part of your students? What did students learn/take away from the experience? *
TEACHER TAUGHT LESSONS - Please comment on your experience of utilizing the Teacher Taught resources. *
What was your experience in utilizing the Teacher lesson resources? How likely are you to utilize these resources in the future?
ASSESSMENT - Please comment on the Student Self Assessment resources. *
Did you use any of Student Lesson Assessment worksheets (Closing the Loop, Energy Debates and Trash 2 Treasure) during this period? Were they useful? What would you add/change?
TEACHER'S MANUAL - Please comment on your experience of using the BR Teacher's Manual *
Did you reference the Teacher's Manual during this time period? What resources were useful? What would you add/change?
ECOCHALLENGE - Please comment on your experience of the EcoChallenge *
Did you complete an EcoChallenge this period? Did this activity change student behaviour? Did you use this for assessment?
CURRICULUM LINKS - Please comment on the curricular links to the BR program. *
Did you use the Curriculum Details' document in your Teacher's Manual to help connect the BR program to the content and competencies you are teaching? Was it useful? What would you change?
Anything else to share? Please use the space below to do so.
Thank you for completing this survey. Your feedback is extremely valuable!
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