2017 LITA Forum

2017 LITA Forum Scholarship
Do you want to attend and participate in LITA Forum? The three-day technology-focused conference for everyone who cares about libraries, archives, and other information services? The 2017 LITA Forum will be held November 9 - 12, 2017 in Denver, CO. Would travel funding help you to attend? As a result of the successful LITA 50th Anniversary Scholarship Campaign and thanks to support from our sponsors, LITA is offering six $1500 travel scholarships, to support new librarians or new to ALA/LITA technologists to attend the 2017 LITA Forum.

Scholarships will be awarded competitively based on the committee’s ranking of applications received by the deadline, August 20, 2017.

Scholarship Eligibility

Selection criteria for the LITA Forum scholarship:

- Work with library technology in any role
- Provide library service to underrepresented groups
- You are a new librarians or new to LITA; from a diverse range of backgrounds and types of libraries; and reflective of the breadth of librarianship
- Have NOT previously received a LITA scholarship award

Scholarship applicants will be ranked highly if they:

- Belong to a group not well-represented in LITA, including but not limited to: people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+;
- Show interested in actively contributing to the mission and goals of LITA.

These scholarships are intended for people who couldn’t otherwise attend LITA Forum. LITA can’t assess your financial need and we trust you to self-identify accurately.

To apply complete this application form.

Applications are due August 20, 2017.
We will notify you by September 8, 2017.

Scholarship selections will be made by the LITA Forum Scholarship sub-committee.

Please complete the form
Submit the form no later than August 20, 2017.
LITA Forum strives to include a wide array of voices. What experiences do you bring that will help diversify the event?
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How do you plan to engage and/or contribute to mission and goals of LITA.
What kind of work have you done (or do you hope to do) related to library technology? (There’s no right answer here; we seek attendees with a range of experiences.) *
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How long have you worked as a professional in a library setting? *
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How long have you been a LITA member? *
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Your name (first and last) *
(We will review applications blindly; your name, email, and location will be removed before reviewers see your other answers. We may add location information back after the first round of review as a tiebreaker, in order to award scholarships to people with more expensive trips. We will only look at name and email after decisions are made, in order to notify you of our decision.)
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Tell us why you should receive a LITA Forum Scholarship. Include any information that will help the selection panel make its decision, including unique perspectives or expertise you can contribute and benefits that your attendance will have for your professional development. (500 words or less) *
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Thank you for your interest in attending the 2017 LITA Forum in Denver, Colorado. Those selected for the scholarships will be notified no later than Friday, September 8, 2017.
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