Next Steps for Our Rev Michigan: YOUR input needed on Trainings, Goals and Meetings!
We need your input: We're working with national Our Revolution to identify the kinds of movement training you'd like to be part of--and then to offer great workshops and classes in 2021!

What kinds of training would be most helpful to you and to strengthening your work as an activist and the work of your activist group?

AND what else should we focus on? And when is best for monthly Michigan Our Rev Zoom meetings?
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How likely are you to take a training workshop on this topic? Right now, these would be online 1-2 hour workshops. Check ONE BOX PER ROW. *
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Definitely will sign up
Organizing 101: An intro to group engagement, digital, email and more
Digital Media 1: Dynamic, engaging Twitter and Facebook pages
Digital Media 2: Terrific websites
Email: Grow your list and engage your members
Growing a Group and Building Partnerships: Start or strengthen your local Our Rev Group: How to start, grow, find allies--and how Our Rev MI can help
Event planning: Terrific virtual and in-person rallies, vigils, marches & roundtables
Advocacy: How to effectively push for bold progressive policies with your elected leaders
Challenges in Group Organizing: People, Policies, Politicians
In 2021, Our Revolution Michigan is planning to re-launch our monthly organizing calls, with updates on national and Michigan progressive issues, and ways to connect with and support grassroots and local leaders--and some great Michigan progressive speakers. Help us make sure this works for you: *
What do you hope Our Revolution Michigan will focus on in 2021 and 2022? *
Not important
Somewhat or possibly important
Definitely important
Taking on a progressive ballot issue and working on it (suggestions welcome below)
Recruiting and training progressives to run
Getting progressives involved in Democratic Party politics (City, County, State, national party)
Advocacy with elected leaders
Other (please be specific below)
Is there a kind of training you'd like that isn't in the list? Or a goal not listed for the group? Or anything else you want to tell us? Please let us know!
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