Community Awareness and Feedback Survey
This survey will close on November 15 at 11:55 PM
Which municipality/township do you currently live in?
What is your age group? *
In your opinion, please rate which issues are of more concern to you *
Not concerned
Somewhat concerned
More concerned
Very concerned
Climate change
Infectious disease
Economic development
Affordable housing
Have any of the following severe weather events impacted you?
Please state your level of agreements for each of the following statements *
Completely disagree
Somewhat disagree
Somewhat agree
Completely agree
Climate change poses a serious threat for people around the world
Climate change poses a serious threat to you and your family
Recent climatic changes have been caused by human activities
Climate change is happening right now
I will reduce my energy usage to tackle climate change
I completely understand what climate change means
Taking action on climate change and reducing energy consumption is important
Climate change is something that needs to be addressed immediately
In your opinion, how important do you think addressing the following issues are within your community? *
Not at all important
Slightly important
Fairly important
Very important
Air pollution
Pollution of rivers and lakes
Waste management (less reliance on landfilling waste)
Reduction of soil quality
Extinction of animal and plant species
Reliance on cars and single occupancy trips
Do you participate in any of the following sustainable and energy saving actions? (Choose all that apply) *
Do you believe that the temperature on Earth has been rising over the past decade? *
Floods normally occur in the spring, but now they are occurring in every other season except for the spring time. Did you know that in your municipality, flooding has become unpredictable due to irregular weather patterns? *
Did you know that Canada's climate is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world? *
Are you aware that your municipality is currently developing a community-wide greenhouse gas reduction plan? *
Would you like to be involved in assisting with the community greenhouse gas reduction plan? *
If you would like to be involved or are simply looking for more information, please feel free to leave your name, email and/or phone number
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