Questionnaire for the views of the present students of SLIATE
Please complete the questionnaire and facilitate us to improve the quality of higher education system at Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education.
The institute will thank you for taking time to fill out this questionnaire. This information will be held in the strictest confidence
Registration No
Ex GAM/IT/2014/F/025
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Email address
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Home Town
The place of residence belongs
You attended to ;
Advanced Level
Subject Area
Awareness of SLIATE
When did you hear about SLIATE for the first time?
What is the Diploma program you are following ?
Type of Program
In which year you are studying now ?
Source of information about SLIATE
How did you come to know about SLIATE?
Satisfaction during the study period at SLIATE
How far you are satisfied with the following aspects while studying at ATI?
Strongly Dissatisfied
Strongly Satisfied
Subject Content of the Diploma program
Teaching  Learning Process
Lecture room facilities
Use of technology in teaching
Punctuality of lectures
The lecturers’ positive attitudes towards students
The students’ positive attitudes towards lecturers
Quality of exam papers
The examination procedures.
Reliability of Results
Opportunities for extracurricular activities
Sport facility 
Library facility
Internet and Network Facility
Utilization of new technologies
Environment of the Institute
Administration affairs
Validity of Diploma Certificate
Do you believe that the present diploma certificate will help you to find a good job as you expect ?
Do you believe that SLIATE diploma holders are competent enough to meet the industrial requirements?
SLIATE culture for studies
Do you believe that the SLIATE culture is good for studies?
Behavior of SLIATE students
Do you believe that the behavior of SLIATE students is acceptable in respectable manner?
Recommending SLIATE
Will you recommend SLIATE for your brothers, sisters or friends as a place to make a brighter future ?
Where you are currently registered ?
Your suggestions for the betterment of SLIATE.
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