Scholarship Application
This is for individuals to complete to apply for the QAS service at a reduced rate. It is our way of giving back for those that want change. Once the completed application
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I commit to providing feedback in the form of a monthly short survey in exchange for this service. *
I understand and agree that if I do not provide feedback as agreed to in the terms and conditions, my service will be cancelled and this service will not be offered as a scholarship for the rest of this life. *
I commit that once I begin this service I will remain on the service for at least 3 months to see how it effects my life . *
I agree to my feedback being used in any form the Company chooses. We will never disclose personal information except as agreed to below. *
I can commit the following amount per month in exchange for this service (please provide the amount below). $CDN *
I agree that I will review the amount I provide for this service every 6 months. *
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