Application for Small Business Recovery Fund ROUND 2
This is the official application for the Small Business Recovery Fund ran through the Ashburn Turner County Chamber of Commerce. We are working to provide for the small businesses in our community. The rules to qualify for the fund are as follows:

-Must be a for-profit business with 10 or less employees. Self employed are allowed to apply.
-Business must have a physical location/address in Turner County.
-Businesses must have been operational in Turner County as of February 15, 2020.
-Business must have a local business license.
-Business must complete the Turner County Impact Survey.

How to Apply:
Applicants must apply for the grant using this online google form or mail in a paper application. The Chamber MUST receive your application by JUNE 14th. Please make arrangements to submit digitally, mail, or drop off your applications in the Chamber.

Qualifying applicants will receive an equal share of the money raised by JUNE 15th. Checks will be put in the mail to the address listed on the application on Friday, May 15th.
Name of Business *
Address of business's physical location *
Mailing address where the check should be mailed *
Have you completed the COVID Impact Study? (Note: Filling out the survey is required to recieve the funding. ) *
Were you operational before Feb 15, 2020? *
Where is your business registered? *
How many employees do you have, not including the business owner? *
Name of contact person *
Contact Person Email
Contact Phone number *
I am the business owner *
If not the actual business owner, I have the expressed permission to apply on behalf of the business owner *
I am a member of the Ashburn Turner County Chamber of Commerce (Membership is not required to recieve funding) *
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