Councillor Ainslie - Transportation Survey
1. Do you support the one-stop Scarborough subway extension? *
2. If the cost exceeds $4 billion would you still support the Scarborough subway? *
3. Would you support building the Downtown Relief Line or the Scarborough subway? *
4. Do you support one continuous bus route bus route on Kingston Rd. to Downtown Toronto? *
5. Do you support adding public transit to Scarborough Golf Club Road? *
6. Do you support adding public transit to Brimorton Drive? *
7. Do you support my initiative to have a community bus in Ward 43? *
8. Would you support Council releasing the proposed cost for the Scarborough Subway? *
9. Do you consider public transportation a major priority? *
If you answered no in the previous question - What is a major priority?
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10. City Council approved my suggestion for TTC Services for Bluffer's Park. Would you use TTC services to get to Bluffer's Park? More information here: *
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