Attention all <b>Naughty Mafia</b> attendees!

Here is your exclusive opportunity to receive your copy of <b>My Unexpected Forever</b> before its release date of September 2nd!

That’s right <b>My Unexpected Forever</b> - the second in The Beaumont Series – will be available to you before it goes on general release to the public.

All copies are $15 and must be pre-paid.

To qualify, you must be a registered attendee of The Naughty Mafia to pick up your copy – I will not ship! Your registration number, which can be found at the bottom of your ticket, must be included with your order.

If you want to order for a friend or two, you may do so.

The first 100 paid orders will receive exclusive Beaumont Series swag - one per attendee - you must be registered in order to receive.

I'm also offering other titles. Only My Unexpected Forever qualifies for the exclusive swag offer.

All orders must be paid by July 15th.

Please follow these instructions for payment:

Log into your Paypal

Click Send Money

Paypal address is

Please note: Naughty Mafia

<b>You must</b> select: I'm sending money to family or friends. If not, your payment will be returned to you minus all fees.

If you would like to attend <b>The Naughty Mafia Rocks Vegas</b> - go here:

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    I will also offer my other novels for pre-order

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