On the future of financial services ...
What is your opinion on the impact of open banking/open finance on services?

Answers sought from: founders, leadership, practitioners, users

Focal points:
1. user, product and business models
2. what's actually working *now* vs 'future' vs 'hype'

Dgen helps governments, sectors and companies by providing impartial, non-partisan and neutral perspectives on their digital and data strategies (ranging from open banking, insurance, risk and identity to data rights, culture and economic modelling). We help provide insight to help balance private and public interests.

The more specific or detailed your answer, the more helpful it will be.

Results will be written up and published anonymously (unless otherwise agreed) on dgen.net under a CC-BY license.

Who are we? Gavin Starks & team http://dgen.net/biog

Open finance approaches will result in
Little/no impact
Rewiring the sector
What impacts will open banking and open finance have on:
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business models?
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What is now vs future vs hype?
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Your details / anything else?
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