Fall 2016 Parent Registration
Fill out this form for the parent(s) or guardian(s) that will be committing to volunteer to help run Friday School every week during the Fall 2016 semester. Each child will have a separate registration form. Please complete the Student Registration Form(s) and optional T-shirt order form(s) BEFORE submitting this form.
Parent Name
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Students names
Please list the names of all of your children who will be attending this semester
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Phone number
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Do you use Facebook?
Much of our communication during the semester is done through posts on the Friday School Fall 2016 Semester Facebook page. It is a closed group and no one can see anything there except those that are registered and invited.
Are you a member of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association?
Emergency Contact
Please the name and phone number of someone not attending Friday School that could be responsible for you or your children in case of an emergency. (ie. we need to call an ambulance for you)
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Early Teacher Application
Did you submit a teacher application during the Early Teacher Application Period (before May 31).
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