Parenthetical Citation Practice
You have created a purple MLA 8 works cited sheet based on each of your sources, but now you need to create a parenthetical, or "in-text" citation to include in the body of your paper.

To practice, read each scenario and create a parenthetical citation in the box based on the purple works cited template provided. Include the parentheses for each answer. The final scenario is an example from a completed Works Cited page generated by EasyBib.
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#1 Book in Print
What would the parenthetical, or in-text, citation be for this book source shown above? *
Imagine you filled out the parenthetical citation sheet and there was an author given; use the author's last name. With a book, use a placeholder (like a hashtag) to remind yourself to include the page number(s).
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#2 Database Works Cited
The above image is information from a database. The article didn't have an author. What should its parenthetical citation be? *
If there is no author, use the first 2-3 words of the article title. Using the article title means you HAVE to put quotations around the title inside the parentheses.
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#3 Database Works Cited
Now we find a database article, shown above, without an author, but the title starts with "The," "A," or "An." Those short words should never be used when creating parenthetical citations so what should its parenthetical citation be? *
Leave out "The," "A," or "An" and use the next 2-3 words of the article title. Using the article title means you HAVE to put quotations around the title in the parentheses.
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#4 Online Works Cited
Database Works Cited
Now we have TWO articles (one Internet and one database, shown above) without authors; the article titles are the same, but they are from different sources. Which of the options listed below show the correct parenthetical citations for each source? *
Use the article title and the source for each. The article titles MUST be in quotation marks with a comma inside the quotation marks to separate the article title from the title of the source (the first 2-3 words). Next, add the title of the source. It should be underlined or italicized when you type your Works Cited page. Which answer shows the correct parenthetical citations?
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#5 Creating an In-Text Citation from EasyBib
EasyBib creates citations for you but will not provide in-text citations without a paid subscription. Now, we are going to look at an article co-authored by two people. Each author is listed in the in-text citation and page number(s) if needed. *
In your paper you have included a paraphrase from the article "Fahrenheit 451: The Temperature at Which Books Burn." The information you used started on page 97 and ended on page 98. Which would be the correct in-text citation?
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