Much welcome beautiful woman,
Thank you for taking the time to complete this form as thoroughly as possible. It will support me in assisting you on your journey.

Please be detailed and on point when filling out the form. Avoid "yes"/"no" and short responses. Instead, imagine that I should get to know you by reading your replies.

If the responses are too vague, it won't serve its purpose for me to understand you and support you in the best way possible.

I'm so much looking forward to seeing you at the immersion! ❤️

With love,
Susanna & Team
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1. Name & age
2. How did you find this event? E.g. via Facebook, Instagram, website or referral from someone?
3. What is your profession?
4. What brought you to this immersion?
5. What is your previous experience of personal development, deamouring, therapy, spirituality, tantra, body work etc?
6. Have you done any boundary and consent work?
7. What need to have happen during this immersion in order for you to feel great and happy afterwards?
8. What is the biggest challenge in your life right now?
9. How is your connection with your sexuality? What do you long for in that area?
10. Any severe traumas we need to know about? E.g. surgery, abuse (sexual, physical, emotional etc)
11. I will teach some main topics related to:

- Dearmouring
- Sexuality
- Self-mastery
- Confidence
- Manifestation
- Soul-purpose & business. 

Which one are you most drawn to and why? 

Ps. You can pick more than one.
12. Are you in connection with your soul's purpose? 

If yes, what is your inner calling? 
If no, what is missing in your life for you to really step up and be who you want to be?

13. Are you aware that this immersion will mainly focus on your greatness and not on healing work (even if it will be part of it, of course)? Are you ok with committing to that?
14. What are the main belittling ideas that you are telling yourself? E.g. "I'm too sensitive" / "I'm not good enough" etc.
15. What price does those belittling ideas have on your life?
16. If you could dream big (forget about logic) what would you LOVE to do/be or have in your life?
17. If I switch my fingers, and could give you three characteristics right now - what would those be? E.g. confidence, sensuality, charisma etc.
18. All food is vegan & glutenfree. A part from that, do you have any allergies?
19. Do you have any injuries or do you take any medications? If yes, please specify.
20. What room type do you want to have? 
Clear selection
21. Anything else you want us to know?

I expect you to take responsibility for your success in this immersion. That means showing up for the sessions, asking questions if you need support, doing the practices, and knowing that as much as you give in is what you get out.

By ticking the "Hell yes, I'm all in!" box below, and sending in the form you agree to follow the guidelines of the immersion:

* I agree to take responsibility for my participation, health, well-being and also for my personal and professional growth and development.

* I'm aware that this immersion includes both my own and others' nudity. As well as body-work on others' nude bodies and genitals.

* I agree to take care of my boundaries, needs and desires and ask for support if needed. I'm aware that no one can read my mind and that I'm responsible for my own happiness.

* I agree to speaking up and always show up in the room and for the sessions. If I decide to stay out from a practice, that's ok, but I stay in the room.

* If I don't show up, and speak up. I choose to take on the consequences of such. Meaning that I might miss out, be disappointed, wanting to complain etc.

* I'm aware that taking new big leaps can evoke feelings of fear, resistance, and even projections on the teacher. I chose to show up regardless and to train my accountability muscles.

* Ultimately, the deeper I go into myself, the deeper I can take on others. Thus, I also practice showing up for what feels challenging to support my future students to do the same.

* I'm aware that all "emotional processing" happens in the workshop room and not outside. Meaning, we bring it all in for the benefit of the group and collective at large. 

* I'm aware that I can't expect private 1-1 coaching from Susanna during the immersion. However, I can get emotional support from the assistants.

If you can commit to the statements below, you're ready for this immersion. If not, I invite you to come back when you feel you are.
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