Mrs. Harris' Kindergarten Questionnaire
Please take a few moments to complete this form with questions about your child. I would love the opportunity to get to know them better before our year together begins!
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Your Child's name, First and Last *
Parent or Guardian Name (you may include more than one) *
Describe your child's personality. *
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Between birth and now, has there been anything unusual or life altering that has occured to your child or to your family? *
How do you plan for your child to get to or from school each day? (Car rider, bus, walker, daycare van--please list daycare name, ymca afterschool) *
Is your child: (please choose one) *
My child knows how to: (Select all that apply) *
Is there anything you feel I need to know about your family or your child? *
What is your child's favorite snack? *
What is your child's favorite drink? *
What is your child's favorite candy? *
What is your child's favorite thing to do? *
What experience does your child have being in groups of children their age? *
Has your child ever spent time away from you? *
How does your child feel about starting Kindergarten? *
Can your child clearly communicate and be understood by people outside of your family? (If not, please explain what others might not be able to understand) *
What goals do you have for your child this year? *
What are some rewards you use in your home to motivate your child? *
Are there any health concerns I should know about your child? (Allergies, medical conditions, etc.) Any medications or allergies MUST ALSO be reported to the school nurse. *
Do you have any questions for me? *
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