2018 Community Survey - City of Normandy
Thank you for taking time to complete this important survey. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Your input will be used to help improve the quality of city services and set priorities for the community. All responses will be reported in aggregate. Your responses will remain confidential.

How would you rate:
Normandy as a place to raise children?
Normandy as a place to work?
Normandy as a place to retire?
Normandy as a place to do business?
The quality of economic development in Normandy?
The quality of public schools in Normandy?
Please rate each of the following characteristics as they relate to Normandy as a whole:
Overall feeling of safety in Normandy
Overall appearance of Normandy
Health and wellness opportunities in Normandy
Overall economic health of Normandy
Sense of community
Overall image or reputation of Normandy
Opportunities to attend arts and cultural events
Shopping opportunities
Recreational activities
Job opportunities
Access to affordable quality housing
Access to affordable quality child care
Access to affordable quality health care
Access to affordable quality food
Ease of car travel in Normandy
Ease of bus travel in Normandy
Ease of bicycle travel in Normandy
Ease of walking in Normandy
Educational opportunities
Overall quality of new development in Normandy
3. Which THREE of the quality of life characteristics listed above do you think should be the City’s top priorities?
Please indicate how likely or unlikely you are to do each of the following:
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
Recommend living in Normandy to someone who asks
Remain in Normandy for the next five years
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