RSVP- Oktober 2019
The Oktober meeting of the Society of Barley Engineers will be held on Wednesday, Oktober 2nd @ 6pm at Booze Brothers Brewing Company in Vista. We will be featuring Reviving Historical Brews by Alvin Dixon.

On the agenda:
1) Social time & small pour sharing
2) Homebrew sharing and discussion
3) Upcoming Events
a) Lambic Harvest (Oktober 19th)
b) SdL Sours Competition (Oktober 17th dropoff deadline)
c) 117W Whiskey Distribution
d) San Diego Beer Week (November)
e) SBE Holiday Party (December 11th)
4) November Meeting @ Lost Abbey
5) Reviving Historical Brews - Alvin Dixon
6) Post-presentation social time

Don't forget to bring name badges, tables and chairs!
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