Gardiners Avenue Playground Use Form
November 2nd, 2020

Dear Gardiners Avenue Families,

Since the reopening of school in September, our students have been scheduled for a twenty-one minute recess period. This has been an opportunity for our students to get some fresh air, enjoy the fall weather and see their friends. Due to social distancing requirements set forth in our Reopening Plan, activities and peer interaction have been limited for the safety of our students and faculty.

As referenced in our plans, we have been re-evaluating our protocols every two weeks to make sure we are providing the best program in the safest way possible. After careful consideration, we are confident in expanding our recess activities for our students in a safe and fun way. As with all school transitions, we will continue to emphasize the importance of hand washing and hand sanitizing before and after using playground equipment. Moreover, maintaining students with their class is closely managed and will continue to be a part of the protocols we use during recess.

I am pleased to share the following enhancements to our recess activities. Please read these carefully before submitting your form.

Use of our school playground:
o Sanitizing antiseptic gel will be used by each student when entering and exiting the playground at the end of the recess period.
o All students will wear face coverings
o One class per grade / lunch period will be able to utilize the playground each day on a rotating basis.
o Please note, similar to town park playgrounds, it is not feasible to sanitize the playground equipment between usage.

Since not all families may be comfortable having their children utilize playground equipment, we request that if you would like your child to participate in the above mentioned activities, please complete and submit this form on or before Friday, November 6th.

*Please submit one form for each child you have in Gardiners Avenue.*

**Please note that only students for whom we receive a response form will be allowed to use the playground equipment mentioned in this letter.**

Students who are not given permission to use the playground equipment will be able to play on the grassy areas inside the playground area and stay with their classmates.


Jared Vanderbeck, Ed.D.
Gardiners Avenue School
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