Virtual Helpdesk Survey
If you are interested in learning about or sharing your experience with virtual helpdesks, please complete the short survey below.
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Virtual before COVID
Excluding email, did you use a virtual helpdesk application before COVID?
Virtual during COVID
Excluding email, do you use a virtual helpdesk application or process now?
Current helpdesk format(s)
What format(s) do you currently use for your EMG hotline/helpline to engage with the public and answer their gardening questions? Please select all that apply.
Challenges & Constraints
Please share some of the challenges, constraints, or concerns you face(d) in moving your program's helpline to a virtual platform?
Current Virtual Use
If you're using or have considered using a virtual application for your program's helpdesk, please share the specific name(s) of the application, software, or platform. Or - if you've pieced together a process or system that works as a virtual helpdesk for you, please share those details here.
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