Ken Lake Park Reservation

To reserve a LCC park, please respond to this document with the following information (after you have confirmed on the Ken Lake website that your desired time is available) I will then get your permit to you via email.  Thank you!!

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The following is the maximum group size allowed per park:

·        Main Rec Park:  35 

·        West Park:  25 

·        Sports Park:  35 

·        Tot Lot:  25  

Requests for groups larger than that indicated require approval from the LCC Board of Directors.

Groups of 50 or more may require the presence of a security officer during your entire event.  There would be an additional fee for this service.



I understand that I must remove my own trash and clean up the area when finished. 

Please note that a trash removal fee will be charged to your account should trash from your event be left in the park and require removal and disposal by Ken Lake volunteers.  We recommend taking a photo of your reserved park at the beginning and at the end of your event to share afterwards should there be a concern about removed trash.

For groups of 50 or more, a dumpster will be rented and charged to the member’s account.


Park Rules

I have reviewed the LCC rules. I understand that I am responsible for the people in my party, and I understand that no glass is allowed in the parks 



Lake Treatment

I understand that the lake is treated a few times each season based upon weather and other factors beyond LCC’s control.  I accept that if this occurs on my party day, the lake treatment cannot be changed. 



I understand that I must post my permit on the gate to make it visible to residents and security: 


I have read the rules: 



1.     Use of all common areas is restricted to LCC members in good standing and their guests. Members in good standing shall not be delinquent in assessments.

2.     Guests must be accompanied by a resident. Exceptions may be granted by contacting the Ken Lake Corporate Clerk.

3.     Park users must wear LCC-provided identification, or they will be asked to leave the common areas.

4.     Non-RFID LCC-approved identification may be provided by residents to guests during LCC visits and shall be returned to the resident at the end of each visit.  LCC-approved IDs may not be provided to non-household guests. 

5.     LCC RFID bracelets may only be used by residents. Providing LCC RFID bracelets to non-residents is not allowed.

6.     Any LCC member or guest who exhibits abusive or disrespectful behavior, disregards common area rules, or engages in the destruction of common area property may be subject to disciplinary actions to be determined by the board.

7.     No pushing, running, or rough housing on the floats, docks or beach areas. No vulgar or inappropriate language will be tolerated in any common area.

8.     Football, soccer, baseball or other sports are allowed in the Ballfield Park and Tot Lot only, unless as authorized by the LCC board for a community-sponsored event.

9.     The enclosed swimming area at Main Rec Area is primarily intended for use by young swimmers and their guardians. No kayaks, canoes, boats, or stand-up paddleboards shall be allowed in the enclosed swimming area.

10. No dogs are allowed in any of the common areas except the designated dog park near the Sports Park and in the Urban Forest on a leash.  This rule does not apply to service animals. Such service animals must be on leash and in the immediate control of the owner. 

11. No motorized vehicles or bicycles shall be ridden on the grassy areas of any of the common areas.

12. Each resident is responsible for cleaning up after use of the Recreation Areas.

13. No open fires.

14. No smoking or vaping is allowed in any of the common areas.

15. No glass objects shall be allowed on the beach areas, docks, or floats.

16. Climbing of fences in common areas is not permitted.

17. Electronic audio equipment shall be limited to a volume where no park users or residents object. Exceptions are LCC board sanctioned events.

18. Common areas shall be available for use from dawn until dusk.

19. Drones and other Radio-controlled aircraft are not allowed over common areas or the lake. 

20. The carrying of weapons within the LCC Common areas is prohibited. 

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