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The Main Line Unitarian Church Youth Programs are designed to provide an opportunity for youth to enjoy fellowship in a safe and stimulating environment. The presence and participation of youth in this community is important to us. We strive to provide an atmosphere of empowerment and accountability for youth and adults working with youth. The Board of Trustees approved the following policy November 19, 2003, to ensure the safety of youth, as well as provide them with a welcoming religious home.
Youth Policy on Violence, Sexual Activity, Alcohol, and Illegal Drugs
There is to be no violence, sexual activity, possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or weapons, or misuse of legal drugs by youth while on MLUC property or attending/participating at MLUC-sponsored or sanctioned activities (including but not limited to youth meetings, retreats, and youth conferences).

During scheduled MLUC youth programs, their advisors and teachers will accompany participating youth. When youth are present in the building and NOT participating in youth programming, they are the responsibility of their parent(s) or guardian(s). Senior high youth may be in the youth room (301) at these times with their parent’s permission. Youth must abide by the MLUC Youth Policy at any time they are on the MLUC premises or participating in MLUC sponsored Youth Programs away from MLUC.

To Whom This Policy Applies:
This policy applies to all youth. A youth is defined as a person between 7th grade and 18 years of age or a person in high school over 18 participating in youth activities.

An Adult member of MLUC shall, upon consultation with other adults if possible, preferably with those in charge, determine whether a violation has occurred.

When a violation is determined to have occurred:
a. A parent/guardian of the youth will be requested to immediately escort the violator off the premises; if a parent or guardian is not available and/or cannot be contacted promptly, a Youth Advisor, Youth Activities Committee Member, or another adult MLUC member may be asked to escort the youth to his/her home immediately (or as soon as safely possible). Those escorting a youth should strive to have 2 adults and 2 youths accompanying each other when escorting a youth to his/her home.

b. If the youth is unable for any reason to immediately leave the premises, he/she will be isolated, in the presence of two adults (a parent/guardian and/or one or more adult MLUC members) until he/she is able to leave.

c. Youth and/or their parents/guardians agree to forfeit any registration or activity fees and agree to reimburse the Church for any expenses (including travel) incurred to enforce this policy.

d. The MLUC Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Youth Activities Committee and Youth Leaders will review as soon as possible all incidents involving this policy and will determine, with input from the Youth Group Advisors and/or the Board of Trustees, appropriate follow-up.

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