Student Information Form for Churches and Families
Welcome to the Student Information Form for Churches and Families!

If you are trying to pass contact information about a student who is in college (or will be soon), you are in the right place! We have tried to make this form as friendly and quick as possible while still gathering important information to help our college ministries effectively reach your students. Thank you for your time and assistance.

Your Information
The first two questions about about you, the person entering the information.
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Student Information
The rest of the form is about the student who is or will be attending college in the upcoming semester.
Student's Full Name *
first, middle, and last
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Student's Preferred Name *
What do most people call them?
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Residence, City and State *
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Name of the Church the student most frequently attends
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Student Email
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Student Phone
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University attending in the upcoming semester *
Student's Home Church *
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How active is/was this student in the church? *
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Academic Category *
Life Stage *
Marital/Family Status *
Helping us understand the student's background can be a big help
Use this box for clarification, to let us know their interests, major, or anything to help us more effectively reach the student
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