Sailfish / Salmon User Feedback Survey
Dear Sailfish / Salmon user:

We are trying to prioritize our feature development for future versions of Sailfish / Salmon and related tools. We’re interested in your thoughts and experiences. We have just ten short questions for you.

How frequently do you use Sailfish / Salmon, on average?
Including yourself, approximately how many people in your organization use Sailfish / Salmon at least once a month, on average?
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Within your organization, approximately how large is the team that is working on genomics-related activities?
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How satisfied are you with the current Sailfish / Salmon product?
Completely unsatisfied
Completely satisfied
What features do you want added to Sailfish / Salmon?
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Are there any aspects of Sailfish / Salmon that are frustrating or causing you problems?
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In which capacity do you use Sailfish / Salmon?
What other tools or software do you use for genomics data management and analysis?
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We’d love to be able to follow up with you. If that is ok, please enter your email address here.
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If you have any final comments, remarks or questions, feel free to enter them here.
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