ILEA Approved Speaker Database Application
The ILEA Education Council accepts, evaluates and maintains a database of approved industry speakers with demonstrated knowledge in the Core Curriculum key competencies as a resource for ILEA Chapters seeking guest speakers. Completion of this application is the first step in the review process. Submission of this application does not guarantee approval and inclusion in the ILEA Approved Database.
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Industry Memberships
List all current memberships in industry associations.
Industry Credentials and Certifications
List all current credentials and/or certifications awarded by industry providers.
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Core Curriculum Key Competencies
Select the Competency based on the topic and content covered by the speaker.
Key Competency Area Expertise
Provide a description of the topic covered and a review of their presentation.
Please list fees charged by the speaker and length/type of speaking engagement (i.e. 40 minute keynote, 6 hour workshop)
Travel & Accommodations
Were travel and accommodations included in the speaking fees paid to the speaker?
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I am submitting this on behalf of someone else and acknowledge that by submitting an application for consideration I have permission from the speaker to submit on their behalf.
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I am the speaker and consent to my information being reviewed for possible inclusion in a database to be shared with ILEA Chapter representatives.
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