Project IEO PAD
Please submit your project information following the instructions below, click “SUBMIT” bottom when you input all the necessary information, your IEO Application will be delivered to the exchanges of your choice directly.

Terms to be notified before applying:

1, Amiga alliance IEO PAD aims to connect both projects and exchanges directly, we are not responsible for projects review or any further discussions with exchanges or projects without the permission or agreement from both sides, the exchanges will proceed the review and discussion with the projects following their own terms and criteria.

2, All the IEO related requirements and fees (which might cost) shall be discussed and confirmed with the exchanges by the projects.

3, Amiga Alliance encourages the projects to fill the IEO application form with valid and full information, which is also required by the exchanges, if anything is found to be invalid, your IEO application might be rejected by the exchanges. Please also be noticed that the information you provided may be made public in the future in accordance with our data protection policy.

4, Amiga team kindly remind you not to transfer any funds to any employees or 3rd parties, and be careful of fishing and scammers.

5, The projects shall be able to discuss the IEO related issues with the targeted exchanges once you passed their review, Amiga team will be able to support you on the further procedures upon requiring from the projects or exchanges.

6, If the projects need any other services from Amiga alliance, please contact our team directly for the corresponding fees towards each service (please refer to our website to find the contacts information).

7, Amiga team kindly remind you to think carefully on selecting the most suitable exchanges to apply, to improve the successful applying.

8, If any further documents (i.e. legal opinion, code auditing report, company documents, NDA, etc.) are required by the exchanges, they will contact the you directly.

9, By selecting AGREE below, you agreed with the items and policies above; Or else, the IEO applying cannot be proceeded or will be null and void, we encourage you to give it up here.

Projects can apply for the following crypto exchange from Amiga Alliance IEO PAD currently:

BitForex, LBank, Bibox, CoinBene, Bit-Z, IDCM, IDAX,, Huobi, ZBG, ZB, CoinTiger, OOOBTC, Fatbtc, Coineal,, Bitget, P2PB2B, DobiTrade, ProBit, ABEX, KuCoin

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