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This self-survey should help you decide if you will are ready to take an online course through CVHS.
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Do you have access to a computer or tablet daily to complete CVHS coursework? *
Would you be willing to check a Canyons District Email Address regularly for communication from CVHS teachers and office staff? *
Have you completed the "Digital Business Applications" or "Exploring Computer Technology" course required for graduation? *
Are you a self-motivated student? *
Do you enjoy learning at your own pace? *
Are you able to commit 3-4 hours per week (per course) to CVHS coursework? *
What is your goal for finishing this course? *
Have you met with a school counselor to know which courses you can take through CVHS? *
Are you willing to take a proctored final? Some CVHS courses have proctored finals for which you need to study for on your own and pass with at least a 60% (70% for Drivers Education). *
Do you know how to make your work Plagiarism free? *
Our Academic Integrity Policy states "Students are expected to complete all CVHS course work with academic integrity. Academic integrity focuses on honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. Students should complete all coursework in a manner that embodies these values and promotes hard work and honest effort. A violation of the CVHS academic integrity policy is considered academic misconduct. Academic misconduct includes: Completing coursework for another person, allowing coursework to be completed by another person, plagiarizing coursework from another person and submitting as own work. Academic misconduct falsifies your understandings and undermines an ability to determine how well you are doing in the course. Such misconduct may result in a lower course overall grade, expulsion from the course, and the possibility of disqualification of future CVHS course enrollments." Are you willing to abide by our Academic Integrity Policy? *
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