Skye Warren 6ix Toronto Pre-Order
6ix Author Event Toronto, Canada 2019
All orders come in Skye Warren bags with swag thrown in. You MUST pick them up at the 6ix Author Event May 25, 2019.

REGULAR SIGNING PRICES: $15 per book or $35 for three books

ALSO please include any notes about personalization. I'm happy to personalize books, but I don't assume that I should because I don't know if they're for you or a friend or a giveaway - the default is to sign them only.

Orders must be paid for a month prior to the event so that books can be ordered. An invoice will be sent to your email address.

Please contact Sharon at with any questions!

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Visit for a complete books + series listing of books available to order!
A limited number of titles will be available for on-site sales.
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IMPORTANT: Please note how the books should be personalized or they will be signed only. If you'd like multiple copies or any other special requests, please note that here.
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