Semi-Dedicated Managed Hosting Feedback
Semi-Dedicated hosting would be a cPanel based hosting with dedicated CPU and memory resources equal to your current VPS but provided without root access. This system would be based on our state of the art OpenStack and Storpool cloud deployment.

Resource isolation would be handled using cgroups based on CloudLinux and each customer would receive a WHM reseller account. An additional benefit of this is you will have the ability to set resource limits directly on your hosted cPanel accounts.

Each customer will still receive dedicated IP addresses, including IPv6 addresses and have the ability to use custom nameservers. The services will remain white-labelled as we do with our VPS product line. As an added bonus, customers will receive complementary account level backups, we will store two daily backups and one weekly backup.

Additional backup options will be presented as add-on features for more data retention. Backups can be restored by individual users.

All standard PHP modules will be added and supported as well as any reasonable module request or addition.

The only use case that a semi-dedicated product would not support is creating individual WHM reseller accounts.
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