2019 Assumption Parish MIDDLE/HIGH STUDENT Survey
What school do you current attend? *
In class we discuss and solve problems that have more than one answer *
I can apply what I learn in my classes to my everyday life (3c) *
I know my school's mission/vision (1a) *
My teacher gives me choices in how I show my understanding of what I learned (3a) *
Teachers help each other and work together (2b) *
Students are involved in school-wide decisions (1a) *
My teachers show me how to use rubrics to score my writing (3c) *
My teachers and administrators have high expectations for all students (1a) *
My classmates encourage me to do my best (2b) *
I can share my academic problems and concerns with my teachers (2B) *
When I struggle in class, I can get help (3c) *
School administration listens to our concerns (1a) *
Bullying is a problem at this school (2c) *
I am given more difficult things to read as the school year progresses (3a) *
I work with other students in my classes to solve problems (3a) *
On tests, I solve problems that have more than one answer (3c) *
I am required to demonstrate my understanding in a variety of ways (i.e. speaking, writing) (3b) *
There is strong communication between teachers and students (3a) *
Doing well academically is rewarded in this school (2c) *
I feel safe in my school. *
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