QErgs 2020 Club Entry
QErgs 2020 will be held - virtually - on 22nd November 2020. Any questions please get in contact with Anna Feest and Sam Amey at qcbc-ergs@srcf.net, af667@cam.ac.uk or sra44@cam.ac.uk. Only one person per boat club needs to fill out this form.
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Contact person at the club *
We are asking for someone reliable who ideally knows your boathouse/erging situation well who we can work with to enable you to participate in QErgs. This will largely be answering questions about the facilities you have available.
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Estimated number of crews *
Where are you expecting to take part in the event? *
What Concept2 model will you have available? *
We envision each boat club doing their races from a well ventilated place in their boathouse or college with the erg being sanitised between each rower. For example, the erg could be set up at the front of a boathouse with the bay doors open, with spectators standing outside on the hard.

Any location for a virtual QErgs must:
- follow all of your college’s coronavirus guidelines for erging
- have space nearby for teammates to watch the current rower in a socially distant way
- have access to power at most 5m away (via wall plug or extension cable)
- have access to the eduroam network (if an alternative WiFi network is available, please specify)
- have enough space to record your rowers as they race for a livestream (via a phone or a stationary laptop)
- have a screen available to watch the current standings and other teams racing (via a TV screen or a stationary laptop)
Does your boathouse have a space which meets all of these requirements? Please answer with as much detail as possible. *
Are there any other problems you can foresee with running QErgs from your boathouse/college?
Thank you for your entry! Please transfer the £25 deposit (this will be deducted from crew entry fees later). We will get in touch with your named contact person once we have received this.
Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque. Please make bank transfers to the QCBC account with your college/institution and QERGS in the description. The account sort code is 40-16-08 and the account number is 94088255. Cheques should be made payable to "Queens' College Boat Club" and sent to Charles Jameson at Queens' College via UMS, or placed in Charles' pigeon hole in the Queens' porters' lodge. If you cannot pay by bank transfer or cheque please get in touch by emailing qcbc-ergs@srcf.net to discuss other options.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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