Online 'Learn to Teach Co-Counselling' 2021/2022
The aim of this form is to help you understand why you would like to learn to teach co-counselling. Please fill in this form as honestly as you can. All information will be kept confidential by the facilitator Kathleen. If there is anything you'd like to discuss you can do so by tel: 00447871955394 or email:
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2. Contact Details
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This course is only accessible to those who have completing a co-counselling course with CCI (Co-Counselling International). Please give the 1) name of your CCI coco teacher, 2) year of training, and 3) location of training. *
Take a moment to write a little bit about yourself and your life at the moment. What would you like to get out of this 'learn to teach' co-counselling course? *
Do you have any concerns about participating in this course?
Are there any particular things you are keen to learn during in this course? Please share if so.
5. How did you find out about this course? *
Rank how interested you are in learning about the following as part of the course: *
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Very Interested
teaching/facilitation practice
Coco theory and practice
Planning a course
Delivering a course
Developing/improving a course
Making it work financially
6. What suggested contribution (based on a sliding scale) do you feel you can make towards this course? Please be honest about what you can afford, and take into account your income and if you have any savings. Those who can afford a bit more help subsidise places for those who can't. Thank you. The suggested sliding scale for the 'learn to teach' course is more per place than for the co-counselling course. This is because the group for the learn to teach course will be smaller. Lots of new content is also being made for the course that needs to be covered in the running cost. *
If other, please comment here
The monthly classes for this course will either be on the first Wednesday or Sunday evening of each month. Please mark your availability for these classes. *
7. Are you available to do the whole training? This is a commitment of participating in 9 monthly classes from September 2021-May 2022, doing regular coco sessions, and doing some skills development. On estimation, excluding the monthly 2 hour classs, participation could take approximately 1 hour per week throughout the course. *
8. This training will take place online using Zoom. Do you have access to a computer/tablet you can use for the course? It is strongly recommended to use a bigger screen than a phone for the training. *
9. Do you have any specific learning needs/requirements? *
10. Do you have any feedback about this form? Thanks for filling it in. You will be contacted within 1 week of your application.
11. Diversity and Inclusion
Our aim is for co-counselling to be accessible to all. Completing these few optional questions will help with monitoring diversity and inclusion.
Ethnic Heritage
Any disabilities
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