'Claim Your Habitat' - TSH Feverpitch
Tournament on September 8th 2019
Address - The Sports Habitat - TC Palya

Contact us at +91 960 690 0650 or rahil@thesportshabitat.com
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I acknowledge that my voluntary participation in the above tournament is a sports activity which involves inherent hazards and risks of serious personal injuries and/or death, and I assume such hazards and risks. I understand that certain elements of my participation can be physically demanding and I understand that there are certain risks of physical injury involved with all such strength, fitness and conditioning activities some of which I may not be presently aware. I understand by signing this release/consent form, I am assuming such risks are both known and unknown risks to me at this time. I assert that I have the necessary physical abilities and conditioning to safely participate in this sport. I certify that I have no known or knowable medical,physical or mental conditions that would affect my ability to safely participate in the above tournament, or that would result in my participation creating a risk of danger to myself or to others. As a condition of my participation, I accept full and complete responsibility for my own ability to healthfully participate in the tournament. Also, I as a captain inform and agree on their behalf. *
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