Renew Educational Camp Survey
We are considering offering a 12-week education camp as a new program offering this fall, and would like your feedback! This would be a day camp for students in grades 6-12 who are able to do virtual schoolwork or home school with minimal support in a unique farm setting. Students will be expected to work independently and adapt to a structured environment where they will have plenty of opportunities to remain physically active, socially engaged, and connected to the community during these unique days.

Students will bring their own schoolwork, including a laptop, as well as lunch and a water bottle. Camp will run from 8am-4pm Monday-Friday, and students can choose to come anywhere from one to five days per week.

A week at camp would include:
- 3-4 hours of schoolwork per day
- Several hours each day of outdoor physical activity
- A riding lesson each week taught by a PATH certified instructor
- The opportunity to work as part of a team completing daily barn chores (feeding horses, cleaning stalls, farm maintenance, etc.)
- The chance to build a special relationship with one or more of the Renew horses
- Practicing inclusion and building friendships through involvement in regular therapeutic riding lessons
- Engaging with community leaders on a variety of topics to include disability awareness, veterinary care, mental health professionals, civic leadership, etc.
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The preliminary estimated cost of this program would be $300/week. Would this cost prohibit your family from participating in the program?
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Would you be interested in a faith-based component being part of this camp? (weekly devotional, prayer partners, etc.)
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