White County Schools Employee Handbook
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Please access the following link to view the White County Schools Employee Handbook.  
Employee Acknowledgement
As an employee of the White County Board of Education, I hereby certify that I have received a copy of the Employee Personnel Handbook, which has been prepared to provide a general guideline to some of the personnel policies, procedures, and benefits available.

I understand the board policies are available online at  http://www.whitecoschools.net/departments/school-board.

Please read policy 5.602 Staff Time Schedules(required to read before signing)

I understand that this handbook is not to be construed as a contract of employment. No policy, benefit or procedure contained herein creates an employment contract for any period of time or a contractual obligation of any kind.

I understand that this handbook is neither a contract nor a substitute for the official White County Board Policy; rather, it is a guide to and a brief explanation of these policies. This handbook is not intended to alter the at-will status of employees in any way. Policies are subject to change at any time and for any reason at the discretion of the White County Board of Education. It is my responsibility as the employee to be knowledgeable of and adhere to board policies and procedures.
I understand that the Board may modify the provisions of this handbook and/or board policies in the future and that my continued employment will constitute my acceptance of such changes.

I understand that it is my responsibility to keep my employee information current and up to date. It is my responsibility to notify the central office of information changes such as name, address, telephone, family status, license, etc.  
I certify that I have read the White County Schools Employee Handbook and agree to all of the above statements. *
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