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Congratulations on your decision to serve the Treasure Valley community through the Junior League of Boise (JLB)! By completing this application, you agree to the following:

● I understand as a Provisional Member, I am not eligible to vote or hold office.
● I understand the Provisional Member Fees are $143 for the fall class, and $93 for the spring class, and my place is secured by a down payment of at least $43 with the remaining amount due 30 days following the first Provisional meeting.
● I acknowledge that the Member Impact Team has advised me on the requirements for successful completion of the Provisional curriculum.
● I commit to completing the Provisional Member Requirements. I further understand if I do not complete all of the Provisional Member Requirements, I will not be eligible for Active Membership, nor will I be reimbursed for dues or fees.

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Junior League of Boise Provisional Program Requirements
Junior League of Boise Provisional Program Requirements

Each Provisional member agrees to the following requirements to become an Active member:

1. Attend Provisional meetings to learn about the JLB. If unable to attend a meeting, alternative arrangements will be made with a member of the Member Impact Team.
2. Attend at least one General Membership Meeting (GMM) during the Provisional class. The Provisional members are strongly encouraged to attend all GMMs.
3. Plan and carry out a Provisional Project supported by current JLB teams/members.
4. Meet minimum point requirements (20 for Fall Provisional class, 15 for Spring Provisional Class) as defined in JLB Member Expectations plan.
5. Attend the May event, where Provisionals who meet the requirements will become active members of the JLB regardless of whether they were part of the Fall or Spring class.
6. Submit a headshot (professional or non-professional) to the Junior League Office ( to be published in the Annual Manual.
7. Pay $143 in Provisional dues for Fall class, or $93 in Provisional dues for Spring class.
8. Serve as a JLB team member. Graduating members of the fall class will be placed on a team in January, even though they are not yet active members.

Next Steps: Application form and fee down payment due prior to the First Provisional Meeting. Your completed application will be reviewed, and you will be invited to attend the first Provisional meeting of the fall or spring class. If you are unable to make this meeting, you must make alternate arrangements with the Member Impact Team. You will then be invited to monthly Provisional meetings where you will learn about JLB history and structure, leadership training, and begin your Provisional Class Project.

Fall Class: First Provisional meeting is held first full week in September.
Total Provisional fees due 30 days after first Provisional meeting.

Spring Class: First Provisional meeting is held first full week in February.
Total Provisional fees due 30 days after first Provisional meeting.

Junior League of Boise
138 S. Cole Rd.
Boise, ID 83709



Payment plans are available. Please talk to a member of the Membership Impact Team for details.

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