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Sexiest server on Minecraft
What is your real name?
(First name) (Second name)
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What your IGN (In Game Name)?
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What is your age?
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What is your Skype name?
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What is the date today?
Do you mind if inappropriate things are said in the chat?
If you accept this, we assume that you accept every word (according to the rules of RiveMC). If you do not accept it you'll not consider for staff
What kind of staff member do you want to be?
What would you change about the server?
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What do you think is your job in our Staff community.
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What is your reason to be staff?
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Which languages do you speak?
Do you have any experience?
Yes/No,(what kind of staff member?),(for how long),(Wich Server)
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Have you ever been permanently banned?
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Are there things that we NEED to know about you
(Diseases) (Things you can not stand), (Things we need to keep in mind), (Afraid of something)
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