AiTLE-ETC TestBed Programme 5.0 (STEM 教材試用計劃)
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選擇你的 SAM Labs 教案
每間學校可從 40 個 SAM Labs 教案中,最多選擇 5 個課題,按次排列。大會將按學校的意願最多分派 3 個教案。凡選教 3 個教案的學校,將可獲得課程設計者 SAM Labs 公司免費借出教案所需的 SAM Labs 配套硬件,供全班學生上課時分組使用,為期一年。SAM Labs 容後會定期推出不同的新課程,學校可因應需要更換先前所選但仍未開始施教的教案,惟需事先徵得 AiTLE 及 ETC 的同意。每個教案的詳細內容,請登入 參看。
1.1 Light and Shadow
1.2 Compose a Song
1.3 Design a Habitat
1.4 Smart Lighting Systems
1.5 Time's Up
1.6 Build It Up, Break It Down
1.7 Seed Dispersal
1.8 Earthquake Alert
1.9 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
1.10 Interactive Storybook
1.11 SAM Safe
2.1 Night Light
2.2 Music Box
2.3 Sow and Grow
2.4 Resistance and Friction
2.5 Smart Doorbell
2.6 Magnetic Forces
2.7 Drum Simulator
2.8 Erosion
2.9 Paired Up Numbers
2.10 There Can Be Only, Two
3.1 Properties of Matter
3.2 Morse Code
3.3 Guitar
3.4 Earthquake Simulator
3.5 Mars Rover
3.6 The Lighthouse
3.7 SAM Insect
3.8 Lava Lamp
3.9 Describing Expressions
3.10 Comparing Expressions
3.11 Apostrophe
4.1 Exploring Circuits
4.2 Earth and Orbit
4.3 Night and Day
4.4 Morse Code Alert
4.5 Patterns and Passwords
4.6 Every Action..
4.7 Exploring Heredity
4.8 Grey or Ginger Kittens
4.9 Water Dispenser
4.10 Ratio
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