Lincoln Award Adult Volunteer Form
This award is sponsored by Illinois School Library Media Association.

** Info for Nominations Committee Members **
~ This is a 3-year commitment.
~ Most of the work is done by email.
~ The Nominations Chair will you send you a list of all the nominated titles, along with reviews, in late September.
~ In a short time frame (2 weeks) you will return your list of 75, ranked in order of preference.
~ All the nominating committee members' lists of 75 are compiled to become 75 semi-finalists for the Reader Panel to consider.

** Info for Reading Panel Members **
~ This is a 3-year commitment.
~ Most of the work is done by email.
~ You must be able to attend a 9:30-3:30 Saturday selection meeting in February in central Illinois.
~ Read 10 assigned titles, plus other nominated titles as time permits, and evaluate them.
~ Read reviews (provided for you) of all 75 semi-final nominated titles for the Lincoln Award.
~ You will receive your 10 assigned titles, the complete list of 75, and the reviews mid-October, and will have until early February to complete your reading/evaluations.
~ At the meeting you will participate with other members of the Reader Panel and Steering Committee in choosing the 20 final nominees.
~ Preference is given to those who have served on the nominations committee.

For more information on the program, visit

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Help create new promotional/motivational materials for use by registered Lincoln Award participants.
I would like to join the NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE *
Three-year term. Read nominated titles or reviews of nominated titles sent by nominations coordinator (October), help check nominees for eligibility, and help narrow original nominations to 75 semifinalists
I would like to join the READING PANEL *
Three-year term. Prior to annual selection meeting for Master List, must read 10 assigned titles plus as many others as possible, as well as reviews for all 75 nominated titles. Must attend Saturday of February selection meeting to help select final 20 nominees.
Describe your experience with promoting reading with high school students. Explain why you would be a valuable addition to the Lincoln Award committees. Have you had prior experience on the Lincoln Award committee or another Illinois book award committee? *
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Questions or suggestions for the Lincoln Award steering committee
This is intended for general feedback - use our nominations form to recommend specific titles.
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