Coastal Ocean Homework 2
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1. ______________ governs an animal's vertical movement in the ocean. *
2. _____________ have the speed to overcome the viscous forces of water and so they can propel themselves independently of the water current or movement. *
3. An animal with a low Reynolds number moves slowly through the water and its movement cannot overcome the “stickiness” or the viscosity of the water. (True or False) *
4. Which measured or derived remote sensing products are used for understanding ocean currents? *
5. What are some of the data products or techniques Dr. Roffer and his co-authors used to address their question, “Are Bluefin Tuna spawning outside of the Gulf of Mexico in the Bahamas?” *
6. The symbiosis of Scleractinian corals and zooxanthellae can be described as mutualistic. (True or False) *
7. The NOAA Coral Reef Watch (CRW) twice-weekly 50-km satellite coral bleaching Degree Heating Week (DHW) product shows accumulated thermal stress, which can lead to coral bleaching and death. What else is true about the DHW product? *
8. Water transparency, or water quality, has a large impact on coral health. Which data products are used by the eReefs Water Quality Dashboard to understand water quality? *
9. Which one is not a threat to the world’s coral reefs: *
10. When temperatures remain elevated above normal for a number of weeks, what happens to the coral’s symbiont zooxanthellae? *
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