Volunteer at Bansko Nomad Fest
We are looking for volunteers to help us at Bansko Nomad Fest (June 29 to July 5th, 2020).
The event is a celebration of the location independent lifestyle and nomad mindset with 500+ nomads, remote workers and freelancers that will take over a beautiful village in Bulgaria for a week of presentations, workshops, sports, mindfulness and nature.

We are looking for volunteers that help us with various activities before and during the event.

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Volunteer Policy
If accepted as a volunteer you will get a free ticket, free accomodation and free food for the whole event (value about: €450) in exchange for your help with organizing Bansko Nomad Fest.

You will be able to participate in a lot of activities and events but we will schedule about 40 hours of your time during the event (e.g. speaker assistance, participant registration, venue management, contact for restaurants and accomodation providers, taking photo & video, and staffing the help desk) and will ask for about 20 hours before the event (e.g. promotion) from you in return. If you do not need accomodation we will reduce your commitment by 10 hours.

We will also ask you to book your travel to Bansko about 3 months before the event starts.

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