ECO's Top Coral Research 2020
In partnership with the 14th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS), ECO Magazine is producing a special issue on Coral Reefs to be published this June.

The 2020 Coral Reef special issue will serve as a platform for the global ocean community to provide project updates, report on new research findings, highlight key issues in conservation and management, and showcase advancements in coral restoration and monitoring technologies. With the support of our partners, we aim to help these efforts by increasing awareness of recent activities surrounding coral reefs on an international scale.

This digital-only publication will be promoted at the ICRS conference in July 2021 [postponed from July 2020]. Despite the postponement of the ICRS 2020 conference, we're pleased to confirm the production of ECO’s highly anticipated Coral Reef special issue will continue as scheduled.

As part of our mission to celebrate collaboration and progress in Coral Reef research, we are looking for nominations of innovative projects and/or individuals making significant contributions to coral research. Nominations can fall under the following categories:

Theme 1 - Biology
-Example research topics: how corals change our world; new coral species; centers of biodiversity; and cold-water reefs.

Theme 2 - Economy
-Example research topics: the value of coral ecosystems; corals as medical agents; coastal protection; tourism; and fisheries.

Theme 3 - Threats
-Example research topics: ocean acidification; climate change; people and reefs (local threats, tourism, overfishing, coastal development); and reef crises of the past (paleontology)

Theme 4 - Protection
-Example research topics include adaptive bleach/supercorals; protected areas; reef reforestation; and measures against climate change

The finalist under each category will be selected by ECO's senior editor, Kira Coley, to be featured in the upcoming Coral Reef special issue.

Deadline for nominations June 1, 2020.

We will inform you via email if your nominee has been selected.
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