Justice League Arizona- Costume Approval Application
MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO APPLY. Hello and welcome to the Justice League Arizona's application system! We're excited to see that you want to costume with us. We need a little information on your current costume for the approval process. Please make sure to read the charter (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sBckecOMGcNpa-57B_nGG8LsC7sCzX8yXq1tTChNzd8) before continuing. (In particular Article VII- Costuming Standards). Also, please be aware that new members will undergo a 6-month training period called the Titan Trials during which they must complete 3 events (2 of which for a charity event).
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Before becoming a full member of the Justice League Arizona, you will first undergo a 6 Month period in the Titan Trials. Within this period you are to complete 3 Events (2 for a charity or fundraiser, cons will only count when significant time is spent working at the JLAz booth).
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Please be specific (i.e. “Joker from the Dark Knight, Captain Marvel from Kingdom Come, Neal Adams version of Batman, Wonder Woman from the 1960s cartoon, etc.)
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(It can be as general as "Phoenix Metro Area" or "Tuscon".)
Please provide several reference pictures for costume (what it is based off of)
Please place the URL in the box below or you can send the pictures to justiceleaguearizona@gmail.com. Please provide at least 2 reference photos.
Please provide 5 pictures if necessary for your costume: (Front, Back, Right Side, Left Side, and Helmet Off) *
Anything we should know about the costume? Please note we do not accept unfinished cosumes but we will help you review them!
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Health Concerns
NOT required. Please list any known health issues that we should be aware of, such as allergy to bees, seizures, etc. This is so that we can help in the event of an emergency, if you are unable to provide this information to paramedics.
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