Anti-Match Grammys 2019
In this game, you want the lowest possible score! This quiz contains eight categories representing different areas of knowledge. Each category requires you to choose one answer from a range of possible correct answers. Your goal for each category is to choose a correct answer that is chosen by as few other players as possible. A correct answer scores 1 point plus 1 point for every other player who chooses the same answer. An incorrect answer receives a penalty score: the highest correct-answer score for the given category plus 1 for each player who gave that answer. (NOTE: this is a change from previous quizzes.) The player with the lowest total score wins. The final question is different; it asks for a numerical answer. If two people have the same total after the first eight categories, the tie will be broken based on who is closer to the correct answer to the final question.

The categories in this game are loosely inspired by this year’s Grammy nominees for Record of the Year. No knowledge of the records is required (or even particularly helpful) to participate.

Research of any kind is NOT allowed. Seriously. I mean it. That includes no Googling anything, scouring the web, or talking to anyone about the questions until you've submitted your answers. If you research to find obscure answers or to make sure you are turning in correct answers, you are cheating. Don't do it. If you are even vaguely considering research, do me a favor, and close this window now. Thanks.

Reasonably close spelling is acceptable unless otherwise indicated. All information in this quiz was accurate as of November 21, 2019.

You can enter the contest by filling out this Google Form. If you have problems, or you need a clarification on any of the questions, you can write to me at squonk777 [at] Entries are due by Tuesday, December 10 at 1:00 PM Eastern Time.

(Note: this form is set to ask for email addresses. This is so I can send you a link to the results of the quiz once they are posted. If you would prefer not to leave an email, you can just put in, and I will know to ignore it. Also all questions are set to required, so you don't miss any accidentally. For text responses, you can put NONE if you don't wish to answer. There's no harm in guessing, though!)

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Hey, Ma
The following text is taken from the first paragraph of the Wikipedia entry for Yo-Yo Ma (or as I like to call him, Hey-Hey Ma). The hyperlinked words in the paragraph (plus one extra) have been replaced by a number in parentheses. The number indicates the number of words that were replaced in each instance. Note that each parenthesized number indicates a different word or phrase; e.g. each (1) is a different word. Provide one of the original words, names, or phrases. Text must match exactly to be considered correct.
Yo-Yo Ma (born October 7, 1955) is an (1) (1). Born in (1), he spent his schooling years in (3) and was a (2), performing from the age of four and a half. He graduated from the (2) and (2), and has performed as a soloist with orchestras around the world. He has recorded more than 90 albums and received 18 (2).In addition to recordings of the standard classical repertoire, he has recorded a wide variety of folk music such as American (2), traditional Chinese melodies, the (1) of Argentinian composer (2), and Brazilian music. He has collaborated with artists including jazz singer (2), guitarist (2), (2) and his brother, Odair, and singer-songwriter and guitarist (2). Ma's primary performance instrument is a (1) (1) crafted in 1733 and valued at US$2.5 million.He has been a (5) since 2006. He was awarded the (3) in 1999, the (4) in 2001, (4) in 2011, and (3) in 2012. *
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Bad Guy
Name one of the human male characters on the American Film Institute’s list of the 50 Greatest Villains. Last names are acceptable. “Man” (from Bambi) does not count as a correct answer to this question. Multiple names for the same character will count as matching. Note that the most recent film on this list dates from 2001. *
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7 Rings
Name a 7-letter word that includes the consecutive letters RING. Answers must be bold-faced entries in www[dot]merriam-webster[dot]com or be inferable from such entries. Proper names are not allowed. Spelling counts. *
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Hard Place
niche[dot]com ranked the hardest U.S. colleges to get into based on acceptance rates and SAT/ACT test scores. Name one of the schools who appears somewhere in the top 25 positions on their 2020 list. (#26 is Tufts University.) *
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Select one of the following speeches and then Identify the speaker associated with it. Give both first and last names when appropriate; one name requires a number to go with it. *
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Old Town Road
The map seen below from brilliantmaps[dot]com shows the Pan American Highway. According to Guinness, it is the world’s longest “motorable road”, stretching from Alaska to Argentina. Note that it is not completely driveable due to the Darien Gap between Central and South America, as seen in the yellow inset. All of the cities shown on the map have been obscured by a green box. Please give the name of one of the obscured cities.
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Truth Hurts
Each of the small images in the picture below represents a 5-letter word. These words can be paired such that the first word in a pair contains the letter T, and the second word is an anagram of the first with that T replaced by an S, as in TRUTH HURTS. Note that the letter T or S may appear in both words without being changed (as the second T in TRUTH). Give one such pair. The word with the changed T must come first in your pair. Spelling counts. You do not have to indicate which images correspond to the words. If the picture is too small to see, you can find a larger image at
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Wikipedia’s “list of edible seeds” includes sunflower seeds in the category of “other”. The larger categories are cereals (including pseudocereals), legumes, and nuts. Name another item in the “other” category on the list. As a help, the first letters and enumerations (number of letters) in the other items are given in alphabetical order below. For example, “sunflower seed” would be given as “S S (9 4)”.
C (8), C B (5 4), C B (6 4), D (6), F N (3 3), H S (4 4), J (9), L S (5 4), M S (7 4), P S (11 4), P S (5 4), P S (7 4), W S (10 4) *
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There are 84 categories of Grammy nominations. The official nominations list on divides those categories into 30 sections. Each section lists the categories in that section, the names of the nominees in each category, and the performer/producers of each nominated song/record/album as appropriate. I copied the whole list off the website starting with the section heading for “General Field” and ending at the words “video producers” at the end of category 84 (“Best Music Film”) and pasted the text into an initially blank Microsoft Word document. According to Word’s word count feature, how many words were in the document after pasting? *
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I am considering starting a Patreon or some other subscription-based service for my awards show Anti-Match quizzes. It would be around $3/quiz. Would you be interested in participating?
Any other comments or feedback for me?
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