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S2018-001-Bio: Head modeling for concussion assessment considering human variability
S2018-002-Bio: Simulating pre-existing rib fractures in the GHBMC finite element whole body model
S2018-003-DI: Determining which tasks are distracting to drivers
S2018-004-DI: Medical decision making-application of transportation human factors knowledge
S2018-005-Bio: Dynamic Hand Shape Modeling
S2018-006-Bio: Vehicle Interior Accommodation Assessments and Human Modeling in CAD
S2018-007-CM: Evaluating Methods for Estimating Traffic Volume for Unobserved Locations
S2018-008-CM: Safe Shared Mobility Via Bicyclist and Motorist Education and Engagement
S2018-009-HF: Vehicle Testing with New In-Vehicle Safety Systems
S2018-010-HF: Developing Models for Self-Driving Cars
S2018-011-BSG: Longitudinal Research on Aging Drivers (LongROAD)
S2018-012-BSG: Development of a Wiki for Transportation Services for Older Adults
S2018-013-Bio: Developing Statistical Geometry Models for Human Anatomy
S2018-014-CM: Web App for Connected Vehicle Data
S2018-015-CM: Algorithm Development for Connected Vehicles
S2018-016-Bio: Effect of Cervical Neck Collars on Neck Loads in Frontal Crashes
S2018-017-Bio: Consequences of Rebound Control on Rear-facing Child Safety Seats
S2018-018-CM: Web Query and Visualization of Spatial Data
S2018-019-HF: A naturalistic bicycling study in the Ann Arbor area
S2018-020-Bio: Quantify & Detect Motion Sickness to Inform AV Design
S2018-021-Bio: Vehicle Motion Parameterization to Evaluate Motion Sickness in AVs
S2018-022-Bio: Tracking Occupant Motions in Crash Avoidance Maneuvers
S2018-023-Bio: Whole-Body Animation with a Parametric Human Body Model
S2018-024-Bio: Advanced Foot Shape Modeling
S2018-025-Bio: Body Composition Prediction for Subject-Specific Models
S2018-026-Bio: Measuring and Modeling Child Head Shape
S2018-027-Bio: Web Development for Online 3D Body Shape Models
S2018-028-BSG: Guidelines for Development of Evidence-Based Countermeasures for Risky Driving
S2018-029-ESG: Traffic Simulation with Virtual Reality
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