Manor Lake Turkey Trot 2020 Registration Form
Register to participate in the Manor Lake Turkey Trot (11/19-11/29).
Walk or run our 5K or 1 mile routes or create your own.
-Most miles run/walked over the race period
-Most festive turkey trotter
-Cutest pet turkey trotter
-Biggest turkey trotting family

**Prizes will be determined by pictures posted to the Manor Lake facebook page or photo album
Participants in the turkey trot will get a ticket for a tasty treat to redeem on 11/29 at 15101 Bauer Drive (more details to follow). **Please make sure to enter a street address or email address to receive this**
1. Enter the names of all participants in your family *
2. Enter your street address
3. Enter your email address
4. Are you a member of Manor Lake Civic Association? *
Please remember to donate to the Manna Food Center drive box at 14800 Rocking Spring Drive by 11/29 *
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