Feedback RE: Improving Tikkun BBQ
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Have you had the food from Tikkun BBQ?
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If you did not rate the food a 5 (very good), what can we do to improve the food to earn a score of 5 or greater?
How did you hear about Tikkun BBQ? Check all that apply.
To you, how DOES Tikkun BBQ give back to the community?
To you, how SHOULD Tikkun BBQ give back to the community?
How strongly would you recommend Tikkun BBQ to others?
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What do you like LEAST about Tikkun BBQ and our pop-ups?
What do you like MOST about Tikkun BBQ and our pop-ups?
How DO YOU think Tikkun BBQ and our pop-ups can improve?
Is there a specific situation involving Tikkun BBQ, say at one of our pop-ups, we should be made aware of so we can improve?
Is there any other feedback you'd like to tell Tikkun BBQ?
Would you be willing to talk more about Tikkun BBQ with Eli, the founder, to help improve Tikkun BBQ? If so, can you leave your full name, and either email address / Instagram handle / Reddit handle or phone number and the best day and time to reach you?
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